Helping The Community Help Itself


Initially focusing on Leatherhead, The Links Centre 2030 (TLC2030) aims to instil realisable aspiration in the young through training and support to create a more fulfilling and successful life for families and friends, to enhance a sense of community and neighbourhood.

As a not-for-profit operation, TLC2030 works in an integrated and inclusive way, linking with other aligned organisations to achieve its goals in the communities in which it operates.

This decade is the opportunity to make significant positive change to our locality. We see Youth Training as the vehicle to improve the environment around us.


Founded by experienced business leaders, TLC2030 deliver positive community outcomes through directly managed social projects and the commissioning of other charities and public organisations. Initially operating in the Mole Valley area of Surrey and based in Leatherhead, we have an ambition to scale to work nationally and internationally, with activities open to all regardless of age, gender, ethnicity and social background.

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"We are delighted to be supporting The Links Centre 2030 and the work they are doing on building skills, employability and confidence in young people, which reflects our values and priorities at Unilever. By coming together we contribute to helping the young people in North Leatherhead develop the right capabilities and skills to succeed in the workplace, at a time when this has never been more important.”

Susannah Yonge

Future Careers Lead,

Unilever UK&I



We are proud to be working with the following organisations, and are adding more partners to our portfolio of service-providers and sponsors: